Out of the Abyss - Aber's Motley Crew

"Come With Me if You Want to Live"

Day 13
Escaped the irksome confines of my former comrades after the camp came under attack from some airborne menace. Whilst that bitch Ilvera and the others rushed to fight them off I retrieved the weapons that were rightfully mine and absconded with other prisoners, they will be useful protection against the dangers of the wild Underdark. One of them volunteered to lead the expedition, he is some kind of surface dwelling sage and seemed very wise and knowledgeable about the Underdark, perhaps with his leadership we will all survive this.

Day 14
They are idiots. We are all going to die.

Day 16
Although we came across a strange dwarf paladin our party has drastically reduced in size. The derrow, myconid child and the wererats are all gone, and exhaustion is kicking in. I have taken on the role of navigator amongst them until we reach Sloopddoop after that who knows, for my own personal safety it might be best to seek out Neverlight Grove on my own, these insufferable fools and their strange guttural language is only making my headache worse. I will remain with them for a time, I’ve seen the tracks of some large Hook Horrors and heard the sounds of what might be hyenas earlier, maybe one of these surface dwellers will die next, probably the busty paladin that hasn’t said anything since we escaped. I just want a quiet rest.



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