Out of the Abyss - Aber's Motley Crew

Mushrooms Stew and Magic Suppression

Prison break

Velkynvelve Youth Hostel
1 / 5 STARS
For starters the WiFi reception was terrible, never a good start, but beyond that, all the guests were in the same room with very minimal bedding and the food, whilst rustic, was incredibly unfulfilling especially with the poor selection of utensils and condiments. The torture was imaginative but I felt the entertainment was a bit one sided, the arrival of not one but two new groups, a weird paladin with a large bust muttering about someone called Joan and some loud guys speaking only in buzzing that took all the hosts attention ruined our stay. The owner’s pet grey ooze was overly friendly to the point of being uncomfortable (especially considering they never asked about our allergies) this, along with the reliance on the kinky collars we all had to wear, made the stay very uncomfortable. Hopefully, our 8-day hike to Sloopddoop will go better than this appalling hostel. WOULDNT RECOMMEND




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