Out of the Abyss - Aber's Motley Crew

Don't split the party, Don't split the party, Don't split the party, Don't Spli- SHIT

A mammoth session this time our intrepid group set out to do some arts and crafts carving up some boats for their sailing journey on the darklake but before they were finished they were attacked by their drow hunters. Short work was made of the scouts but the spider cavalry drove them into the boats fleeing for the safety of the water, one whirlpool later the team was divided into three parts, two boats sailing the lake whilst the third were drow prisoners once more.

Soon though everyone was a prisoner of one group or another, the main group put up a fierce fight but were knocked unconscious by a number of Kua Toa, their imprisonment didn’t last for long as a rival group of Kua Toa defeated their captors and offered the team a choice, work for them, infiltrating a sacrificial ritual as sacrifices and kill the cult leader or be used as the sacrifices anyway. Ront, Jimjar and Prince D had already accepted this offer and were waiting for the group when they arrived at Sloopddoop (Minus one orc leg however) The party worked together to craft a new peg leg for Ront from his short sword and awaited their sacrifice. The ritual was infiltrated and the assassination was almost complete when it was interrupted by the sudden arrival of Demogorgon the PRince of Demons from the depths of the lake. Sloopddoop was besieged and the party fled leaving Shushar behind to tend to his people.

Over twenty days the party encountered friends and foe alike on their aquatic journey, dining with a mysterious witch in the skeletal remains of an ancient dragon, nearly dying when crashing down a number of rapids, attending a grisly underwater wedding and defeating an ancient water elemental in one blow revealing its lost treasure. After nearly a month in the damp darkness of the lake an orange glow on the horizon signifies the end to their journey as the forges of Gauntgrym light up the cavern in front of them. What awaits them in the City of Blades….

Death in the family

The Underdark is a wondrous but dangerous place, we had a harrowing run in with a gnoll warband Sarith was killed and decapitated, not necessarily in that order. Whilst we fled the scene and finally settled on somewhere to rest a group of drow traders crossed our path. Some…mistakes were made and now our party is one aasimar shorter, everyone was a lot more reserved after that, we met a friendlier group of merchants, supplied ourselves with food and arrived at the Darklake in what felt like a lot more than 8 days.

"Come With Me if You Want to Live"

Day 13
Escaped the irksome confines of my former comrades after the camp came under attack from some airborne menace. Whilst that bitch Ilvera and the others rushed to fight them off I retrieved the weapons that were rightfully mine and absconded with other prisoners, they will be useful protection against the dangers of the wild Underdark. One of them volunteered to lead the expedition, he is some kind of surface dwelling sage and seemed very wise and knowledgeable about the Underdark, perhaps with his leadership we will all survive this.

Day 14
They are idiots. We are all going to die.

Day 16
Although we came across a strange dwarf paladin our party has drastically reduced in size. The derrow, myconid child and the wererats are all gone, and exhaustion is kicking in. I have taken on the role of navigator amongst them until we reach Sloopddoop after that who knows, for my own personal safety it might be best to seek out Neverlight Grove on my own, these insufferable fools and their strange guttural language is only making my headache worse. I will remain with them for a time, I’ve seen the tracks of some large Hook Horrors and heard the sounds of what might be hyenas earlier, maybe one of these surface dwellers will die next, probably the busty paladin that hasn’t said anything since we escaped. I just want a quiet rest.

Treasure list
Session 4


Bag of Holding
Assorted Ears x12
Accursed Dagger
Ilvera’s Spare Spell Component Pouch
4x Shields
14x cases of Hand crossbow bolts (20 bolts each)
2x daggers
4x bags of Caltrops (20 per bag)
2x 100ft long coils of silk rope
2x Building Hammers
2 bags of Iron Spikes (7 in one, 6 in the other)
Dwarven Warhammer and shield – Eldreth wielding
9x waterskins
42 pounds of food
Gracklstugh compass

A flask of strong syrupy blue liquor – 10 GP

Copper Coins – 0
Silver Coins – 8
Electrum Cons – 26
Gold Coins – 813
Platinum Coins – 0

Mushrooms Stew and Magic Suppression
Prison break

Velkynvelve Youth Hostel
1 / 5 STARS
For starters the WiFi reception was terrible, never a good start, but beyond that, all the guests were in the same room with very minimal bedding and the food, whilst rustic, was incredibly unfulfilling especially with the poor selection of utensils and condiments. The torture was imaginative but I felt the entertainment was a bit one sided, the arrival of not one but two new groups, a weird paladin with a large bust muttering about someone called Joan and some loud guys speaking only in buzzing that took all the hosts attention ruined our stay. The owner’s pet grey ooze was overly friendly to the point of being uncomfortable (especially considering they never asked about our allergies) this, along with the reliance on the kinky collars we all had to wear, made the stay very uncomfortable. Hopefully, our 8-day hike to Sloopddoop will go better than this appalling hostel. WOULDNT RECOMMEND


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